Photo of Knut Morå, a 30-something white male, currently wearing a moustache.

Knut (he/han/Dr.)

Hei! This is my personal page, where I want to try to put everything I might want to share, as well as some information about my work. In addition to physics, I enjoy reading, baking, and recently making simple personal websites.

I’m a physicist working to discover “dark matter”– a hypothetical particle that could make up the mass needed for galaxies and stars to behave as they do. My job is to analyse and model the data taken by the XENON collaboration

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The gold nuggets that sink to the bottom under a river of “content”. Ians Shoelace Site This page shows how to tie your shoelaces efficiently! The Holotypic Occlupanid Research Group HORG is the cutting edge of taxonomy of occlupanids– a criminally understudied lifeform The Earth is beautiful. This webpage is 1) gorgeous, 2) shows a huge amount of (mainly satellite) data about our planet– wind, temperature, chemical traces and 3) the best showcase for different map projections on the net Read more...


Books, free to good home If you’re in New York, and interested in adopting any of these books, let me know! Warning: I read some of these some time ago, and summarize from memory. Peninsula Sinking, David Hubert Slightly dreamy, not a giant fan tbh. The Queue, Vladimir Sorokin Written before the fall of the USSR, a story of an epic 3+ day queue told only in dialogue, pretty good! Read more...