Web Sites

The gold nuggets that sink to the bottom under a river of “content”.

Ians Shoelace Site

This page shows how to tie your shoelaces efficiently!

The Holotypic Occlupanid Research Group

HORG is the cutting edge of taxonomy of occlupanids– a criminally understudied lifeform


The Earth is beautiful. This webpage is 1) gorgeous, 2) shows a huge amount of (mainly satellite) data about our planet– wind, temperature, chemical traces and 3) the best showcase for different map projections on the net

Wildflower Search

This is what search should be like! Put in your location, time of year, and you’ll get a list of flowers sorted by how likely it is the one you’re seeing (clearer colors and more often flowering near you)

Kristins flora

Veldig fin norsk side med blomster, fugler og kryp

Oculi Mundi

Tons of beautiful maps!

See How it Flies

The best handbook I’ve read about understanding lift and airplanes flying

A very nice explanation of mechanical watches

Step-by-step small applets showing each part of a mechanical watch

Cool page about the geometry of viruses

Perhaps sometime in the future, our immune systems will develop an antagonism against symmetry?

A website to grab math symbols

Very convenient if you’re not on your computer, superscript, subscript etc.